Online Ministry

On establishing The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization by Pope Benedict XVI at vespers on 28 June 2010, eve of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, to carry out the New Evangelization, the pope said that "the process of secularisation has produced a serious crisis of the sense of the Christian faith and role of the Church", and the new pontifical council would "promote a renewed evangelisation" in countries where the Church has long existed "but which are living a progressive secularisation of society and a sort of 'eclipse of the sense of God'." On June 29, 2013, Pope Francis released a related apostolic exhortation Evangelii gaudium (English: The Joy of the Gospel) on "the church's primary mission of evangelization in the modern world".[17] In its opening paragraph, Pope Francis urged the entire Church "to embark on a new chapter of evangelism". New media tools such as the internet, social media and smartphones are being used as vehicles for expressing the new evangelization.Media organizations are using the new media and social media to promote the work of evangelization. New evangelisation poses great opportunities in fact it is only means to reach out to the ends of the world to accomplish the great commission given by our Lord, our Master.

Having realized the need of the hour online community aims at reaching out to the unreached to spread the GOOD NEWS to various language communities having responded to the call of our Lord, "Ask me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance and the ends of the earth as your own possession" (Psalms 2:8). Currently we are reaching out to the English, Hindi, Tamil speaking communities apart from Malayalam Community through online platfrom to form prayer communities all over the world. The ministry aims at reaching out to all language communities wherever online media accessibility is possible to fulfill the dream of ..